XF MarketPlace – Solution Center

Extend the value of OneStream XF by deploying additional solutions, templates or content that all leverage the capabilities of the SmartCPM platform.

The OneStream XF MarketPlace is our version of an app store. Our downloadable solutions allow customers to easily extend the value of their Corporate Performance Management platform to meet the changing needs of finance. All OneStream developed solutions are available to all active customers free of charge.


All XF MarketPlace solutions leverage the core XF platform for data quality, calculations, reporting etc


XF MarketPlace solutions meet and exceed market-leading product specific offerings


Independent platform upgrades and solution updates reduce the time, cost and risk of adding functionality


Customers can pick and choose the most relevant solutions to add to their
XF Platform

The XF MarketPlace Solution Center will revolutionize the CPM market. The ability to deliver new solutions and functionality with a simple download will allow customers to continue to extract value from their investment in OneStream XF long after the initial purchase.

Deliver additional CPM solutions, templates, tools and content with a simple download similar to downloading an app to an iPhone®.

  • Close Manager
  • People Planning
  • Capex Planning
  • Thing Planning (plan on anything)
  • Cash Planning
  • Postal Service
  • Video Training
  • User Help Desk
  • Pre-built Cash Flow Dimensions
  • 30+ Apps Available

XF MarketPlace Solutions eliminate the noise of technical complexity and allow you to start solving the business problem on day one. All solutions come with complete documentation and instructions. The XF MarketPlace will continue to expand to deliver more content and more value.

OneStream Software is a trendsetter in the EPM sector, using their platform to create what it calls an “XF MarketPlace” – literally a marketplace set of solutions benefiting the whole OneStream community

Our modern SmartCPM platform quickly and easily aligns to your changing business requirements with the ability to extend the platform with value add solutions from our XF MarketPlace Solution Center.

CPM platform unification reduces the complexity, risk and cost of deploying multiple solutions or applications for financial consolidation, financial reporting, planning and data quality along with a simplified user experience.


Account Reconciliations: The OneStream XF Account Reconciliation solution with single-source trial balance loads offers a new level of risk management and delivers the most comprehensive and unified Account Reconciliations directly within the core Guided Workflow process.

Peopl Planning

People Planning: Deliver all employee and contractor related planning on compensation, benefits, travel and other related expenses. Provide more insight into your most valued asset, your people!

Capex Planning

Capex Planning: Plan on your capital assets and their related expense including depreciation, maintenance and insurance. Immediately understand the impact of capital expenses on your financial statements.


Close Manager: The OneStream XF Close Manager provides complete visibility to all changes and key close statistics to keep maximum control and transparency during the close cycle.


Guided Reporting: Mix and match rows and columns with other key parameter selections and views for infinite reporting combinations in one easily consumable end-user interface.


Postal Service: A powerful and flexible reporting package delivery solution enabling the immediate or scheduled delivery of combined XF Office and OneStream reports to individuals and groups.


Video Training: Video training creates the buckets for you to drop in context-sensitive video examples to train end-users in the specific area that they are interacting with at that point in time.


User Help Desk: An internal ticketing system to allow end-users to ask OneStream XF administrators for context-sensitive help as they interact within OneStream XF.


Pre-built Cash Flow Dimensions: Pre-built cash flow dimensions with validated formulas allow customers to start with a working cash flow model and adjust to meet their individualized cash flow reporting requirements including CTA by account.