OneStream University

A full spectrum of OneStream XF training classes to progress your education in concert with your experience.

Scope of Training

OneStream offers both centralized live classroom with a live remote option and onsite private options for beginner and advanced OneStream XF CPM software training sessions. These focus heavily on the tools and practices required for implementing OneStream. The target audience includes administrators and implementation consultants.

End-User Training Packs are provided by OneStream in the XF MarketPlace for all implementation services consultants and partners. These training packs are customizable for any customer’s application and represent best practices for training end users and administrators on workflow, report creation, data analysis and application management.

All OneStream classes are delivered live and contain interactive materials, source files, instructional slides, sample applications and exercise guides. This hands-on approach ensures that students are engaged and prepared for their implementation.

Getting Started

There is plenty to learn before your OneStream project begins. The most effective method is to start with our ½ day Level 1 Overview  course which is delivered onsite to your entire project team the first day of your requirements and design sessions or on a monthly basis delivered via webcast. Once your project is underway, we recommend waiting approximately 2 to 4 weeks before sending only administrators and those participating in the application build to our Level 1 Application Build course. This ensures that all attendees receive the right skills at the right time, keeping your project moving without a long gap between learning and doing.


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