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OneStream Customer Success Stories and Video Testimonials

100% Customer success can only be achieved with an amazing product that simplifies the most sophisticated financial consolidation and reporting requirements along with truly unified budgeting, forecasting and planning capabilities. Combine our SmartCPM Platform with world-class service and support and the result is every customer is a success and a reference.

“OneStream XF is easy to connect with many source files, mapping is intuitive within the process flow and supported with easy data calculations and conversions into a consolidation to provide quick reporting decks with the XF report generator.”

Hermes Bron, Senior Manager Reporting and Consolidation,

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“Leveraging the OneStream XF Cloud has provided the Finance team with more autonomy, less reliance on IT, and eliminated the need to purchase and maintain hardware and infrastructure.  Printpack has experienced no downtime or issues, and our first upgrade was painless – performed by OneStream in 2 hours while the users were on lunch break.”

Clarke Hair, Manager, Financial Systems, Printpack

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“The OneStream solution has given us the capability to wrap up the monthly close process by day 5, which is at least a 25% improvement. This has enabled faster management reporting and more agile decision-making. We were spending too much time reconciling data. We now have time for value-add analysis versus spending time updating spreadsheets. Additionally, Business Units now get their data right away and don’t have to wait until the corporate results are finalized.”

Brian Ketcham, VP and Chief Financial Officer, Lindsay Corporation

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Now that we’re live, I can truly attest to and appreciate the value we’re getting from a single, integrated CPM platform.  We have dramatically simplified our technical landscape while improving our reporting and analysis capabilities through the use of extensibility, self-service workflow-based reporting, etc.

Ryan Wild, VP, Global Technology & Solutions, The Carlyle Group

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“OneStream in the cloud has been incredibly adaptable. We have people around the world utilizing the system and it’s always available and always at peak performance.”

Don Bleasedell, VP of Finance, Team Industrial Services

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“With the need to report to shareholders by the 5th business day after month-end, using Hyperion required the Finance team to spend many late nights. There are no longer any late nights with OneStream. We have gained at least a day during month-end, because we don’t have load up the accounts for users anymore.”

Steffi Joseph Corporate Accountant MEC Global

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“Pushing accountability for data quality down to the line of business users with OneStream has improved efficiency at AFL and provided more time for value-added analysis of the business. This has been huge as it provides better visibility into the results and improved decision-making at every level in the organization.”

Pam Brady, Global Financial Business Analyst, AFL

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“We considered other CPM vendors but once we met with OneStream we knew they were the perfect fit for our environment. We do not have a lot of IT resources available for system maintenance so having one platform, one language and a clean system reduces maintenance and the amount of work required to run it,” stated Robert Thompson, Global Controller, Victaulic. “We were moving off Hyperion Enterprise and we really took a leap forward with OneStream. We added workflows that did not previously exist, audit trails, dashboarding, the ability to drill back into our transactions, cleaner reporting, complete visibility and the ability to analyze and look at our data in different ways which were all things we simply could not do in Enterprise.”

Robert Thompson, Global Controller, Victaulic.

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“OneStream’s Unified Financial Intelligence and Extensible Model allows Melrose to deliver maximum value to corporate reporting along with operational value to each diverse business unit. OneStream’s Guided Workflows and powerful consolidation and reporting engine offer a turn-key solution to business users and a lower TCO for group reporting.” 

Jason Care, Group Systems Manager, Melrose PLC

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“The OneStream XF platform allowed us to deliver global financial consolidation, management reporting, guided workflows and a robust planning solution all in one product and one application. The modern platform gives us the ability to adapt more quickly to business changes and deliver more value to the business. Business unit controllers that never touched Hyperion Enterprise are now seeing the value of the additional details and reporting capabilities of our unified OneStream XF solution.”

Lori Strangberg, Corporate Controller, Johnson Outdoors.

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“OneStream’s Finance platform allows Federal-Mogul to deliver more solutions for finance without adding technical problems and integration layers. OneStream’s guided workflows and powerful consolidation and reporting engine offer a turn-key solution to 800 business users. Faster and better analysis tools and more financial intelligence allow our users to more quickly understand the business.”

Dawn Laridon, Director, Global Financial Management, Federal-Mogul

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“OneStream’s Guided Workflows provides a step-by-step process to allow users to receive immediate visibility to their results while delivering accurate and timely financials to the central team. This has been a huge benefit to the business. Key to this transition has been the user workspaces and dashboards that replaced our custom IT reporting solution.”

Brad Sheppard, Director of IT Central Services, Guardian Industries 

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“Before OneStream, we tried to use SAP for everything and it just wasn’t nimble enough. We were able to implement financial consolidation, budgeting, forecasting and management reporting all on the same platform without needing to build integrations and validations between multiple products. We can now slice and dice data at an insane level of detail and can provide our site managers with a P&L by customer so they can see how they are trending. The flexibility of the metadata to mix and match dimensional hierarchies in other scenarios gives us the ability to quickly see the information the way we need it.”  

Tara Willis, Sr. Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis, Wesco Aircraft

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“We now have a unified system that is giving us significantly improved access to our data with flexibility in reporting and analysis. We also have significantly more transparency, visibility and control over our business. We could not be happier with the unified OneStream XF solution and the powerful integration capabilities. The system is fast, powerful and lets us get to any transaction in seconds.”

Tim Foley, former Controller at AAA Life Insurance

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“Henniges was able to replace several disparate systems (Hyperion Enterprise, custom SQL Database, remote desktop for accessing HE, and manual excel uploads for actuals) with a singularly integrated OneStream XF solution. OneStream’s Guided Workflows and flexible consolidation and reporting engine offered us a turn-key solution for our business users that ensures data quality and confidence. Powerful analysis tools and more financial intelligence allows our users to more quicklyunderstand the business. From a corporate perspective, OneStream delivers improved intercompany elimination and previously unavailable with Hyperion®.

Linda Hellebuyck, Corporate Controller, Hennings Automotive 

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“OneStream XF has provided us with a unified solution that was able to easily reconcile with our prior system without disruption to our monthly close process. We needed a solution that could automate intercompany eliminations using historic overrides, report in local currency, euro and US dollar, and also provide an audit trail for all changes to the system including data, metadata and rules. OneStream XF expanded our financial reporting model and gave us a more powerful management and ad-hoc reporting system. In addition to providing a great solution, our smooth implementation can be attributed to extensive knowledge of the OneStream team along with their professionalism and high level of support throughout the entire process.”  

Stijn Goeminne, Chief Financial Officer, Premium Sound Solutions

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With OneStream, it was the One platform with the flexibility and the ease of ownership that we were looking for. The fact that we could upgrade in hours vs. weeks makes a huge difference to us.

Julie Schwendimann, Corporate Controller, Entrans International

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“The deeper functionality and stability of OneStream’s single product platform was critical to IASIS choice.  We were able to get all the solutions we needed without the complexities of multiple products and applications.”

Leslie Walker, Vice President Financial Planning & Reporting, IASIS

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“Evoqua implemented OneStream XF for financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting and forecasting. We were able to leverage the consolidation functionality to automate intercompany eliminations in all hierarchies, currency translation and cash flow reporting. We also leveraged the core budget and forecast capabilities to perform forecasts at detailed profit center and cost center levels. Management and external reporting is now standardized with executive dashboards and Guided Reporting as well as our monthly financial reporting book.”

Rahul Nanavati, Director of Financial Systems, Evoqua

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“After years of dealing with financial processes that were still very time consuming and inefficient, we decided it was time to simplify and replace our multiple CPM systems, including our legacy financial consolidation system and market-leading planning system, with a powerful unified solution.We were diligent in reviewing the cost, complexity and time required to upgrade our current systems but quickly realized the benefits that OneStream XF could offer that the newer version of our current systems simply could not provide. The ability for extensive analysis using the retrieve functionality in Excel®, the constant currency translation, a single reporting lens across the organization and the ‘on- the-fly’ intercompany matching was key.”

James Manuel, Group Financial Controller, Lonrho

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“The Terberg Group was looking for an integrated platform for financial consolidation and management reporting. Our legacy system was cumbersome and consolidation required multiple manual entries which in turn created a lengthy and inefficient process. With OneStream XF, we were able to standardize and automate our consolidation process and reduce the time needed to generate corporate reports. Our controllers are now able to standardize and create manageable accounts, automate cash flow and leverage OneStream’s core budget and forecast capabilities. OneStream gave us the look and feel we were seeking in one unified product and application.”

Ivo Jansen, Corporate Financial Controller, Terberg Group

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“We quickly realized that OneStream XF met our requirements and the benefits from implementing OneStream XF included improved financial consolidation and reporting, corporate governance, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and intercompany eliminations. These key improvements alone would have been considered a success, however we are also leveraging the OneStream XF platform for KPI dashboard analysis, purchase price accounting, detailed sales analysis (by customer by item code), Salesforce integration, capex tracking and machine asset tracking. By delivering more solutions on a single platform, Form Technologies is eliminating manual and time consuming tasks and replacing them with value ad analytics.”

Keith Weidman, Vice President – Finance & Corporate Development, Form Technologies

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“With People Planning, we were able to budget headcount and payroll costs. By specifically tailoring this solution, we can accurately budget for our manufacturing needs and correctly match the required capacity with our anticipated production. Plant Controllers are able to enter Labor and Production drivers and OneStream calculates manufacturing absorption and labor variances.”

Michael Barfuss, Corporate Controller, Cleaver-Brooks

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“We are over the moon with the results OneStream’s integrated platform for financial consolidation and management reporting offers. Not only were we able to standardize and automate our processes but also we significantly reduced the time needed to generate our corporate reports. OneStream delivered multiple solutions without the technical complexity of having to install, implement, maintain and learn multiple products or applications.”

Kristine Freedman, Commercial Manager and Global System, Project Leader, Moly-Cop

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What qualifies OneStream XF as the leader in delivering Unified Corporate Performance Management Software?

It might be our crazy concept that every customer must be a reference and success. Look no further than our growing list of large, sophisticated global organizations all using OneStream XF to deliver unified financial consolidation, statutory financial reporting, management reporting, financial forecasting, budgeting, variance analysis, data quality, tax, workforce planning, capex planning and project planning all in one application eliminating IT complexity.

Our customer’s will always be our number one priority. Their success in utilizing our SmartCPM Platform to deliver multiple solutions has given us the required industry validation that we strive for.

OneStream Software achieves 4.8 out of 5 for customer satisfaction in a variety of categories.