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OneStream XF Technology Leadership

Deliver powerful and scalable financial consolidation, reporting, planning and analytic solutions in a unified and simplified technology platform that deploys your way either on the XF Cloud or on-premise.

Architected from day one to leverage the cloud, and in-memory processing, OneStream XF delivers the scalability and performance you would expect in a modern platform for corporate performance management (CPM).

Xf Tech Simp It

Simplified IT: A 100% Microsoft technology stack for lightning-fast software installations and upgrades

Xf Tech Combine Data

Combine Data XF: Office Blend combines OneStream XF data, charts and reports with Word, Excel and PowerPoint content

Xf Tech Exten Dimen

Extensible Dimensionality®: A single, extensible data model enables the ability to deliver multiple solutions in a single application

Xf Tech Faster Process

Faster Processing: Multi-core processing, 64-bit in-memory processing and stateless servers work together to optimize performance

With XF Relational Blend and more advanced XF Integration Connectors, our technology advantage gives you a clear business advantage.

Extensible Dimensionality® makes the difference by allowing multiple Corporate Performance Management solutions to live in one application.

  • Delivers the most efficient analytic model
  • Eliminates the need for multiple application instances
  • Allow both corporate standardization and business units operational relevance

OneStream XF’s powerful Extensibility supports the unique requirements of corporate, business units and diverse business processes in one application. This singular data model supports the sophisticated business processes of global organizations.

Go anywhere with OneStream Mobile.

Our HTML 5 user interface (UI) lets you take OneStream with you wherever you go regardless of your choice in mobile device (iPhone, Android or Windows). All with the familiar look and feel of the native application.

Consumption on all devices for

  • All dashboards, charts, graphs, etc.
  • View Status and Certifications to ensure data is in a reliable state
  • Simple end-user workspace
  • View management reports on the fly

Select from an infinite combination of rows, columns and parameters to view the right information wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Simplified IT

100% Microsoft technology stack for simplified IT ownership, software installations and upgrades.

  • Software installations that take hours not weeks
  • Lightning-fast upgrades are completed in approximately 2 hours
  • A rich and intuitive web user interface delivered in a global and scalable web architecture
  • Integration with Microsoft Azure and SQL Azure for dependable cloud deployments
  • Disaster recovery is a non-issue with the ability to start up a new environment in hours

OneStream XF leverages the latest Microsoft technology platform providing a SmartCPM product platform to install, own and maintain.

MS Office Integration

OneStream XF Office Blend delivers a unique Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint® and Excel® reporting solution by combining OneStream XF content with MS Office for a rich financial reporting experience.

  • Blend XF reports, charts and data with Microsoft Office content to deliver visually stunning report books
  • Immediately refresh Word, PowerPoint, Excel and financial reports for the current periods without rework
  • No need for Word or PowerPoint add-ins to be installed on servers
  • Produce and send reports and books with the XF MarketPlace Postal Service solution

OneStream XF embedded data, reports and documents are immediately updated and refreshed via XF Office Blend.

Faster Processing

OneStream leverages the latest enterprise computing technologies to provide high performance and scalability required by global enterprises with high data volumes and large user populations.

  • 64-bit in memory computing allows large volumes of data (e.g. multiple terabytes) to be held in memory vs. disk, and processed faster
  • Multi-Core processing enables OneStream to apply multi-threading algorithms that enable a single user-task to be split across multiple processers for faster results
  • Stateless servers allow end-user tasks to be distributed across multiple servers vs. being bound to one server, which enables high scalability and performance with large user populations
  • Unlimited server scale-out, in on-premise or cloud deployments, provides the ability to leverage additional resources as needed

OneStream leverages all of these technologies to support the sophisticated and large-scale financial consolidation, reporting, and planning requirements of global organizations, with the best possible performance.

There is no substitute for a single rational CPM system that can easily be owned, maintained and flexed to meet the changing needs of global finance organizations. Our technology is the enabler of multiple solution deployment without the technical complexity.