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Profitability Analysis

Empower P&L Owners

Analyze revenue and costs across multiple products, customers or channels and gain insights into the underlying drivers of profitability.

Analyze revenue and costs across multiple products, customers or channels and gain insights into the underlying drivers of profitability.

  • Manage Allocations


  • Models Plans


  • Analyze Results


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    Manage Allocations

    Eliminate fragmented spreadsheets and offline processes with defined, repeatable and fully auditable processes within a unified solution.

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    Models Plans

    Determine the impact of pricing, new products and mix changes on customer and line of business profitability.

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    Analyze Results

    Empower managers with insights into profitability by products, customers, channels and other dimensions with the ability to drill into the underlying details and make informed decisions.

    Key Features

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    Powerful, Multi-Step Allocations With Audit Trails

    Execute complex allocations across large volumes of data with speed and accuracy.

    • Eliminate offline, fragmented allocation processes.
    • Deliver complete transparency and auditability into profitability drivers with drill-back and drill-through to source system capabilities.
    • Unify financial and operational data while creating a single source of truth across key stakeholder groups.
    Built-in Reporting and Analytics

    Share insights into profit contribution from key service lines, products and customers.

    • Gain insights into which products, customers, channels that are creating value vs. detracting from profitability.
    • Collaborate with self-service visualizations and guided reporting to isolate and analyze key drivers such as price, mix or sales volumes.
    • Combine financial data with daily or weekly data such as products, parts, labor and other costs to identify performance gaps and take action.
    What-if Scenario Modeling

    Dynamically manage and track multiple profitability scenarios.

    • Understand the impact of changes in pricing, sourcing and product mix strategies on projected financial results.
    • Dynamically model the impact of new products or service line changes across the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.
    • Track progress against multiple scenarios with self-service visualizations and guided reporting capabilities.
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