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Financial Data Quality Management

Improve Accuracy in Financial Results

Integrate and validate data from multiple sources and make confident decisions based on accurate financial and operating results.

Integrate and validate data from multiple sources and make confident decisions based on accurate financial and operating results.

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    Simplify Integration

    Direct integration to any open GL/ERP system, including Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics, with powerful pre-built Integration Connectors with drill back and drill through capabilities.

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    Improve Integrity

    Powerful pre- and post-data loading validations and confirmations provide complete confidence in the certification process.

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    Increase Transparency

    100% transparency and audit trails for data, metadata and process change provides visibility from report to source.

    Key Features

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    Direct Integration Connectors

    OneStream Integration Connectors offer direct integration with any open GL/ERP or other source system.

    • Deliver fast and efficient direct to source system integration processes with built-in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
    • Drill down, drill back and drill through to transactional details, including journal entries.
    • Provide direct integration with drill back to over 250 ERP, HCM, CRM and other systems including Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDE, SAP, Infor, Microsoft AX/Dynamics and more.
    Guided Workflows

    Achieve financial data quality and verification throughout financial consolidation, reporting and planning processes with intuitive Guided Workflows.

    • End-user focused processes to standardize and simplify data collections and analysis.
    • Reduce the cost of deploying additional CPM solutions as end-users already know how to interact with the Guided Workflow.
    • Serve up the correct process and reports at every step in the workflow.
    Complete Transparency and Audit Trails

    OneStream’s Origin dimension is pre-built with the financial intelligence to deliver transparency, auditability and data protection for complete confidence and compliance.

    • All data captured in distinct Origin buckets for import, adjustment, forms and eliminations.
    • Journal adjustments and eliminations never disappear in the consolidation process.
    • Data protection is automatic and prevents inadvertent data overrides, no need to ever turn off cell-level audit.

    Seamless Integration with SAP Data Sources


    Direct Connect with SAP R/3, ECC, BW and S/4 HANA enabling seamless data integration and drill through without technical complexity:

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