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Deliver a New Level of Risk Management

Conquer complexity and improve the integrity of financial results by aligning account reconciliations with financial reporting.

Conquer complexity and improve the integrity of financial results by aligning account reconciliations with financial reporting.

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    Reduce Risk

    Deliver a complete statistical view of your financial statements including a risk adjusted balance sheet.

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    Improve Internal Controls

    Create a complete audit trail of who and when reconciliations were completed and approved.

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    Accelerate the Financial Close

    Users can begin account reconciliations as soon as trial balances are submitted; no more waiting for the corporate close to complete.

    Key Features

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    Risk-Based Reporting

    Deliver Risk Management Reporting on your balance sheet by presenting a complete statistical picture of the quality of your financial statements.

    • Immediately view the status of all high-risk reconciliations as they relate to your financial reports.
    • Understand the quality score of your financial reports.
    • Gain more confidence in your results and achieve true risk management.

    OneStream is the ONLY solution that can provide a link from reported balances to reconciled accounts. Drill-to-Reconciliation instantly from your financial reports in one unified system.

    • Financial Consolidation, Reporting and Account Reconciliations live together in the same system for a truly unified approach.
    • OneStream allows you to drill from your Balance Sheet directly to the Account Reconciliations.
    • Automated alerts to changes to reconciled account balances status ensure confidence that reports are always aligned with reconciliations.
    Trial Balance Single-Sourcing

    Account reconciliations live together with financial reporting so there is never a disconnect between your financial reports and your account reconciliation process.

    • Leverage the same data sources, data mappings, account hierarchies, workflows, and security as actuals.
    • Base financial information is collected and handled one time.
    • Immediate reconciliation status checks alert users if a previously reconciled balance has changed due to an updated trial balance import.
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