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Swap Support specializes in supporting OneStream jointly any BI system connected to it (PowerBI, BigQuery, etc.), through its 24×7 ITIL and ISO-27001 certified service desk, which solves technical and financial questions, incidents, changes and lead quick-hit projects. Our service desk is preferred by OneStream users who want to expand OneStream through “co-working”, but mostly it is integrated by top Diamond Partners who need their implementation consultants quickly available after an implementation while leaving an specialized after-Go-Live support team.

Besides supporting traditional OneStream finance processes (planning, consolidation, etc), Swap Support service desk is specialized too on BI-related requirements, like dashboarding and predictive analytics, in addition to integrations to AI-enabled machine learning forecasting tools like Amazon, SAP and Google’s. We guide them using our home-made 3-axes Maturity Model for Predictive Finance and by providing week-by-week adaptable SLA levels.

Swap Support is founding member and sponsor of the Institute of Management Accountants – Spain Chapter (https://spain.imanet.org/)

Further details in this LinkedIn Smartlink: https://www.linkedin.com/smart-links/AQGWv3d_gxtd1g

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+34 697374054

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[email protected]

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