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inlumi is a global team of over 200 specialists in digital transformation for the office of the CFO –advisory, technology implementation and managed operations. We are one of a handful of companies that truly understand technology-enabled change and the impact it can have. With our combined finance, technology and change expertise, we help our customers to perform at their best by enabling them to understand their data, deliver it where and when it is needed most, and make decisions.

What sets us apart?
People drive our business and people make the difference. Implementing technology is not the challenge. To be truly relevant to our customers and partners we need to understand what drives value and implement technology in the right way. How we translate the things we do to our customers and the experience we create when working with us is our craftsmanship. People are the secret, not tools. Our team actively seeks to grow and find their own unique ways to flourish with a commitment to quality, value, excellence and a strong desire to nurture meaningful relationships.

The approach we follow is collaborative and interactive; something tangible customers can touch, feel, and experience. Our work is agile with active governance remaining a central pillar for success. Change is the heart of what we do. All stakeholders are important and involved when they need to be.

We pride ourselves on the delivery of noiseless implementations – enabling the business to maintain focus on what they are good at, while we focus on the project.

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Benelux, Nordics and UK with offices in the Netherlands, UK, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, UAE and South Africa

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+44 7958 524083

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[email protected]

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