Account Reconciliations

Deliver a new level of risk management for the office of the CFO with our XF MarketPlace solution for Account Reconciliations.

Reconcile what you Report

Eliminate manual reconciliations with OneStream XF’s Account Reconciliation solution available now in the XF MarketPlace. Begin working on Account Reconciliations in HOURS not MONTHS to deliver a new standard in data quality and risk reporting. Reconcile what you report and drill-to-reconciliations with our single-source platform for all GL trial balances. Our XF MarketPlace downloadable solution for Account Reconciliations can be deployed to both current financial reporting customers as well as stand alone Account Reconciliations customers on-premise or in the XF Cloud.

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Risk Management: Deliver a complete statistical view of your financial reports including a risk adjusted balance sheet

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Drill-To-Reconciliation: Link reported balances to reconciled accounts and drill all the way from your financial statements to the reconciliations

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Trial Balance Single Sourcing: Trial balance single sourcing means there is never a disconnect between what you reconcile vs. what you report

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Process Control Leverage: Guided Workflows and the stage engine for complete process controls and a simplified end-user experience

OneStream supports the critical transparency and audit requirements of the enterprise. We are able to leverage this core XF Platform capability to deliver a unified Account Reconciliation solution.

Risk Management Reporting

Deliver Risk Management Reporting on your balance sheet by presenting a complete statistical picture of the quality of your financial reports.

  • Immediately view the status of all high risk reconciliations as they relate to your financial reports
  • Understand the quality score of your financial reports
  • Gain more confidence in your results and achieve true risk management
  • Reconcile what you report

Achieve a clear view of the quality of your financial reports including a risk adjusted balance sheet.


OneStream is the ONLY solution that can provide a link from reported balances to reconciled balances. Drill-to-Reconciliation instantly from your financial reports in one unified system.

  • Financial Reporting and Account Reconciliations live together in the same system for a truly unified approach
  • OneStream XF allows you to drill from your Balance Sheet directly to the Account Reconciliation
  • Automated alerts to changes to account reconciliation status ensures confidence that reports are always aligned with reconciliations

Unified Financial Reporting and Account Reconciliations provides a new level of data quality and risk management for the office of the CFO.

Categorize reconciling items to quantify exposure by running statistics to show the quality of your financial statements.

Trial Balance Single Sourcing

OneStream XF offers trial balance single sourcing. Account reconciliations live together with financial reporting so there is never a disconnect between your financial reports and your account reconciliation process.

  • Base financial information is collected and handled one time
  • Immediate reconciliation status checks alert users if a previously reconciled account has changed due to an updated trial balance import
  • Financial reports and Account Reconciliations are always in sync

Who is reconciling your Account Reconciliation system to the Reporting System? Point solutions for account reconciliations require dual trial balance integrations and mappings which means your the information in your reporting system could differ from the data you are reconciling. If so, your entire risk management solution is compromised.

Improve Internal Controls

OneStream offers complete process controls to improve compliance while reducing internal controls risk.

  • Familiar Guided Workflows simplify end-user training
  • Workflow allows for the logical preparation of Account Reconciliations at the proper time in the close process
  • Data Quality is in OneStream’s DNA and the entire solution already supports transparency and audit requirements
  • Audit trail of who and when reconciliations were completed and approved
  • Leverage pre-built status and history reports for visibility into current and past reconciliations

OneStream XF is already doing the hard work of collecting and validating all GL/ERP information across your enterprise. The core capability of OneStream XF to understand all GL accounts across all GL trial balances that require reconciliations is a natural extension of the XF Platform.

Our Account Reconciliation solution delivers a complete audit trail of who and when reconciliations were completed and approved. Leverage powerful pre-built Reconciliation status and history reports for complete visibility into current and past reconciliations.


Key Features

OneStream offers the easiest and fastest reconciliation preparation due to the fully unified financial fabric for financial reporting and account reconciliations. Key features for reconciliation success include:

  • Create Reconciliation Groups to simplify maintenance
  • Instantly discover new required reconciliations
  • Link to Account Reconciliations with seed values
  • Pull forward prior reconciliations and supporting documents
  • Attach documents, templates or commentary to support the reconciliation
  • Templates auto download with required reconciliations populated and re-import for a simplified end user experience
  • Complete exception and aging reporting for immediate visibility to unreconciled accounts
  • Reconciling items are flagged with clearing date and categorized by impact type
  • Automatic e-mail alerting for instant notification