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Financial Data Quality

OneStream XF’s financial data quality management ensures accurate financial reporting and decision-making confidence.

Poor financial data quality translates into a lack of confidence in your financial reporting. Data integrations have traditionally been IT-driven processes that result in a “black box” of data that cannot be easily traced or audited. OneStream XF provides strict audit controls along with standard, defined and repeatable processes for maximum confidence and reliability in a business user process.

Fin Data Improve Integ

Improve Integrity:  Powerful pre and post data loading validations and confirmations provide complete confidence in the certification process

Fin Data Incre Trans

Increase Transparency:  100% transparency and audit trails for data, metadata and process change visibility from report to source

Fin Data Ehnce Productivity

Enhance Productivity:  Guided Workflows intuitively move business users through the entire data collection, integration and reporting process

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Simplify Data Integration:  Direct integration to any open GL/ERP system, including Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, with powerful pre-built XF Integration Connectors with drill back and drill through capabilities

OneStream XF’s Financial Data Quality ensures all solutions benefit from pre- and post load data validations and confirmations to ensure that your data is right at every step in the process.

Achieve financial data quality management and verification throughout financial consolidation, reporting and planning processes with simple Guided Workflows.

  • End-user focused to standardize and simplify data collections and analysis
  • Reduces the cost of deploying additional CPM solutions as end-users already know how to interact with the Guided Workflow
  • Serve up the correct process and reports at every step in the workflow
  • Unified workflow engine delivers a 100% reliable process status

Shorten financial close and planning cycles and improve data quality with immediate error notifications that include the key information needed for end users to quickly and easily correct issues and complete processes fast and accurately.

Ease of use is paramount to delivering successful analytic solutions to business units. OneStream understands this and provides turn-key end users experiences within Guided Workflows that are intuitive and repeatable.

OneStream XF’s 100% transparency into all data, metadata and process changes delivers the control necessary to have complete confidence in reporting and analytics

  • Drill through any dimension at any level, not just at base data
  • Drill back to any source GL or ERP data via automated integration adapters
  • OneStream stores all audit archives of the integration or file that contains source data data

Gain critical visibility into data, adjustments and changes at every level in the consolidation or planning process.

The Origin dimension is pre-built with the financial intelligence to deliver transparency, auditability and data protection for complete confidence and compliance.

  • All data captured in distinct Origin buckets for import, adjustment, forms and eliminations
  • Journal adjustments and eliminations never disappear in the consolidation process
  • Data protection is automatic and prevents inadvertent data overrides
  • No need to ever turn off cell-level audit
  • Simplified segment reporting by designating eliminations as direct or indirect

OneStream XF’s Financial Data Quality engine lives together with the Financial Consolidation engine enabling full audit visibility without impacting system performance.

OneStream XF Integration Connectors offer direct integration technology for any open GL/ERP or other source system.

  • Guided connector wizard to help build ODBC and OLEDB integrations
  • Deliver fast and efficient direct to source system integration processes
  • Drill down, drill back and drill through to transactional details, including journal entries, with powerful direct integration capabilities
  • Deliver direct integration with available drill back built for any open ERP including Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDE, SAP, Infor, Microsoft AX/Dynamics and more

Connections to source systems are typically configured and delivered in hours rather than weeks.

XF Integration Connector for SAP® R/3 and BW provides a lean .NET assembly to develop robust SAP integration without complexity.

  • Easily invoke BAPIs and function modules
  • Send and receive IDocs
  • Supports RFC and SOAP, which allows integration with any modern SAP NetWeaver architecture
  • Read BW objects (BEx queries) with own API
  • Read SAP tables directly via RFC
  • Generate and execute ABAP code on-the-fly
  • Control transactions via batch input