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EssAnalytics is a team of CPM experts that have a deep understanding of the industry which helps them continue to achieve a 100% referenceable customer base. They deliver business and process consulting services extending beyond the technology. EssAnalytics develops value-based business solutions, enabled by technology, to cut through complex business problems and address specific needs. Their focus on enterprise-wide business transformation allows organizations to leverage technology investments to make prompt decisions based on trusted data.

What separates EssAnalytics from other firms is their focus on customer experience while delivering the best process and technology to meet your business objectives. Their consultants provide continuous support from the initial stages of design to post-production.

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North America

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Primary: Brad Gingrich – 937.219.3997
Secondary: Tim Chapin – 513.225.13340

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Primary: Brad Gingrich – [email protected]
Secondary: Tim Chapin – [email protected]

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