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Financial Consolidation & Reporting

The OneStream XF Unified SmartCPM™ Platform offers simplified financial consolidation and reporting for sophisticated enterprises.

Financial consolidation and reporting is core to OneStream’s unified platform for corporate performance management (CPM). Deliver timely and accurate financial consolidation and reporting that meets corporate external reporting requirements while also providing operational insights and relevance to business units.

Tax Prov Imp Int Control

Manage Complexity: True multi-GAAP, multi-entity consolidations with multi-currency, automated intercompany eliminations, and partial ownership

Fin Consol Incre Automation

Increase Automation: Automate cash flow reporting and understand the FX impact on movement accounts with our packaged Flow Dimension

Fin Consol Improve Cpntrol

Improve Control: Embedded Financial Data Quality with Guided Workflows, and complete audit trails ensure accuracy and confidence

Fin Consol Accel Close

Accelerate the Close: Close faster with pre-and post load validations, immediate identification of errors and increased transparency for faster resolution

As a unified solution, OneStream offers the agility needed to adapt to business changes
more quickly while also providing more insight to make better decisions.

Financial Consolidation and Reporting eBook

OneStream provides a revolutionary corporate performance management (CPM) solution, the OneStream XF SmartCPM platform. OneStream XF unifies and simplifies financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and financial data quality for sophisticated organizations.

Simplified Ownership
Easy software installations and upgrades that are completed in hours rather than weeks and months

Model Flexibly
Provide a corporate standard and operational relevance in one model

Faster Performance
Linear scalabililty, advanced consolidation algorithms, multi-threading and 64-bit technology provide unbelievable consolidation speed

“What impressed us the most was OneStream’s truly unified financial consolidation, reporting and forecasting package. In considering other financial software solutions we feel OneStream XF™ will take us off our antiquated system and bring us into the 21st century with a great new look and feel.”

Sharon Simon, Financial Consolidation Analyst, Commercial Vehicle Group

Global Financial Reporting

OneStream XF supports true statutory financial reporting requirements including US GAAP, IFRS, Multi-GAAP and local statutory requirements.

  • One set of data drives multiple GAAP/IFRS reporting formats
  • True node-level entity adjustments to specific hierarchies
  • Compare results under different accounting standards to highlight specific statutory adjustments
  • Origin dimension tracks how all data gets loaded
  • Cell-level audit trails provide control without impacting performance
  • Out of the box support for complex ownership and equity pickup

Simplify financial, legal, statutory and management reporting for the most sophisticated enterprises. OneStream XF supports complex statutory financial consolidation requirements with our purpose-built financial aggregation engine that delivers true financial intelligence.

Real Financial and Operational Insight

Improve insight into the real FX impact of currency on every balance sheet account through roll forward members that detail movements and changes for complete cash flow reporting.

  • Identify and report on new cash flow and profitability sources by corporate, division, customer, product, region or channel
  • Auto-deliver Currency Translation by Account
  • Automated settings for historical dollar overrides
  • Supports detailed cash flow schedules
  • Forecast cash with our pre-built Cash Planning solution

OneStream XF’s dedicated Flow Dimension has built-in financial intelligence to simplify cash flow reporting, forecasting and management.

Powerful Intercompany Eliminations

OneStream XF intercompany (IC) eliminations automatically occur at the first common parent in every alternate hierarchy. Improve insight with the ability to instantly create new hierarchies to visualize the impact of acquisitions, business changes or new reporting requirements.  

  • Automatic IC eliminations at the first common parent for all hierarchies without complex rules
  • Eliminations never disappear at the first common parent and can always be viewed up the consolidation chain
  • Out-of-the-box segment reporting as direct and indirect eliminations are captured by our Origin dimension
  • Each intercompany party and counterparty simultaneously views local, counterparty and reporting currencies to instantly collaborate and resolve IC discrepancies
  • Corporate can always see resolution state with pre-built intercompany reports that provide visibility to IC status

Proper IC eliminations are a must-have for an agile financial reporting system. They are the key ingredient to quickly understanding the impact of business changes and delivering accurate and timely statutory and management reporting.

Total Transparency

Deliver 100% transparency to data, metadata and process changes with unparalleled audit and drill back capabilities for complete confidence and control. The Origin dimension tracks how data was provided to the system. The origin dimension is the key to transparency with members for imported (any file format or direct integration), forms (manual), adjustments (journals), and eliminations and delivers automatic data protection as each import or entry is captured in its own bucket.

  • Adjustments and eliminations never disappear and are visible at every level of the consolidation
  • Research any question in seconds with powerful change controls and visibility
  • Audit from 10K/10Q all the way back to transactions with true drill back and drill through capabilities
  • Process transparency on who did what, when, where and how

Enjoy the benefits of complete visibility to all changes including map and rule changes with OneStream XF’s standard audit capabilities that have zero impact on performance.


OneStream XF delivers world-class fast close processes with Guided Workflows that direct users with standard, defined and repeatable processes!

  • Identify and correct errors quickly with a standard process for pre-load mapping and intersection validation
  • Ensure data quality, completeness and confidence with powerful post-load data confirmation rules
  • Protect users from complexity by spoon-feeding the right processes and reports at the right time
  • Shorten close with 100% traceability from report to source to immediately answer any data quality question in seconds

Accelerate the close by immediately identifying errors and guiding users to quickly resolve data quality issues.