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Disclosure Management

Empower the office of the CFO to tell the story behind the numbers

Companies have many stakeholders, all with different information requirements. They all want different formats. And requirements keep changing all the time. OneStream’s Disclosure Management, delivered as part of the Task Manager solution, helps Finance tell the story behind the numbers.
If you want to tell the true story it has to be consistent with the underlying data. What does that mean?

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Efficient Collaboration: Where many disciplines work together in a structured and efficient way to create complex documents.

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Process transparency:  Workflows provide real-time overview of the many tasks required in performance reporting and disclosure.

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Familiar MS-Office toolset:  Let people work in a familiar environment that everyone knows.

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Risk Management: Built-in Segregation of Duties minimizes the risk of manipulation or fraud.

OneStream is developed using Microsoft’s latest technologies guaranteeing the best scalability and performance on the market. On-premise or in the Cloud. That’s your choice. With OneStream, you can start on-premise – then move to the cloud. Or even choose a hybrid model.

Efficient Collaboration

Preparing disclosures involves many people from different disciplines, many of them from outside Finance. It must be obvious what is expected from them. Provide simple and clear communication all within the same tool.

  • Workflows with short videos reduce the need for written instructions
  • Make comments and have discussions with your peers
  • Combine reports, charts, graphs and text in a single document

Work collaboratively to create informative documents that tell a story, and enable confident decisions.

Work with Familiar MS Office Tools

OneStream Disclosure management integrates seamlessly with MS-Office products. It lets infrequent users work in an environment that’s familiar and productive. They are not required to be experts in OneStream.

  • MS Excel, Word and PPT connect directly to OneStream XF
  • No need to send large groups of incidental users out of their job for training on a new tool
  • Installing the MS add in is easy and can be managed silently
  • Installing the MS add-in is easy and can be managed through silent install

Increase productivity and minimize user training costs and downtime by integrating directly with MS Office.

Transparency Through Process

With so many people involved in reporting tasks it’s important to understand the overall status of the process. OneStream’s Guided Workflow provides instant status updates on the assigned workflow tasks.

  • Familiar workflow structures guide the users and can trigger events
  • Any activity gets a timestamp providing the real-time status of the overall progress
  • This provides full auditability and can reduce external audit fees

Gain real-time insight into the status of your disclosure process, eliminate bottlenecks to deliver timely and accurate results.

Manage Risk Through Strict Segregation of Duties

When many people are involved in a reporting process, maintaining user access can become onerous. OneStream’s granular security model ensures full segregation of duties. It makes administration easy.

  • Security roles and groups make the system simple to manage and maintain.
  • Users can have multiple roles but they can only perform one role per workflow.
  • Secure collaboration ensures the privacy of sensitive information.

When people get sick or leave the organization other users can just take another role. It will never break the segregation of duties.

Key Features

OneStream makes disclosure management an integrated extension of the financial consolidation and reporting process. Key features of Disclosure Management, delivered with the Task Manager solution, include:

  • Fully integrated with OneStream XF, not a disconnected 3rd party tool
  • Consistent and accurate reports that update when data changes
  • Secure, controlled collaboration
  • Integration with MS Office
  • Segregation of duties
  • Detailed logging and audit features
  • Full process transparency through workflow
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment. Hybrid also supported.