Customer Success Webinars

Learn how OneStream XF delivers success with our agile platform for Corporate Performance Management.

Customer success is the only option. Learn how OneStream XF customers are taking advantage of our SmartCPM Platform and delivering a successful and easily maintainable CPM system.

OneStream XF (Extensible Finance) is a unified CPM platform that also includes OneStream Specialty Solutions that can be downloaded and installed, similar to installing an app from Apple®, from our XF MarketPlace. Learn how these customers truly leveraged the core platform capabilities of OneStream XF to deliver financial consolidation and reporting, budgeting, forecasting, planning, data quality and additional solutions. OneStream XF is delivering CPM 2.0 in a truly unified application that eliminates the complexity of deploying multiple products, modules or applications.

Federal Mogul Webinar:

Dynacast Webinar:

Melrose Webinar:

Cleaver-Brooks Webinar:

Johnson Outdoors Webinar: