Compliance Solutions

OneStream’s SmartCPM platform provides financial compliance solutions to reduce your internal controls risks and the cost of compliance.

OneStream XF supports multiple compliance solutions all in a single rational system with powerful extensibility to meet the changing needs of your business.


Multi-GAAP Reporting: OneStream XF supports US GAAP, IFRS and local statutory reporting requirements with packaged financial intelligence


Sarbanes-Oxley Support: Supports Sarbanes-Oxley requirements with strict process controls, complete transparency and process control questionnaires


Solvency II Controls: Partner supported pre-built Solvency II solution addresses the key components of EIOPA reporting to support Solvency II with confidence


FinRep and CoRep: Partner supported FinRep and CoRep compliance solution with data quality and strict controls to deliver final disclosure to regulators

The core capabilities of OneStream XF are critical to supporting the strict statutory reporting requirements for Multi-GAAP, IFRS, SOX, Solvency II, XBRL and FinRep/CoRep.

“We needed a solution with more packaged financial intelligence and less need for consultant driven solutions. OneStream’s Extensible Dimensionality™ provides us with the ability to run both budget and actuals in one module and allows us to reconcile between US GAAP and IFRS at any point in time and for historical reference, a necessity for our global corporation.”

John Ruther, Director of Finance, Motus Integrated Technologies

OneStream XF supports US GAAP, IFRS and local statutory reporting requirements with standard, defined and repeatable processes for financial data collection and consolidation.

  • The ability to produce financial statements that meet GAAP, IFRS and local statutory accounting requirements
  • Maintains all audit trails and adjustments to enable a conversion from US GAAP to IFRS standards
  • Reconcile between US GAAP and IFRS at any point in time and for historical reference

Our guided and transparent workflow, approval and certification processes ensure complete transparency, accountability and confidence.

Supports Sarbanes-Oxley requirements with strict process controls, complete transparency and process control questionnaires.

  • Data and process certification and sign off
  • Audit trails from 10K/10Q to GL source account and GL trial balance report or file
  • Automatic archival of all supporting files and documents
  • Document attachments and textual notations by cell, data unit or multiple data units are archived for material disclosures
  • Supports SOX 302 and 404 process controls questionnaires to identify financial process weaknesses prior to the OneStream XF consolidation process

Standard, defined and repeatable processes, Guided Workflows, complete transparency of process, traceability of data and data quality verifications all support the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley internal controls processes certifications.

Partner supported Solvency II solution addresses the key components of Solvency II with confidence.

Deliver the required functionality to be compliant with the EIOPA reporting requirements:

  • Pillar I – Packaged supporting calculations are encapsulated in OneStream’s Solvency II Solution.
  • Pillar II – The risk and governance capabilities allow you to view and measure risk vs. capital by managing the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA).
  • Pillar III – Complete coverage of key regulatory requirements to deliver packaged solutions for disclosures, reporting and transparency. Deliver QRTs along with XBRL and IFRS reconciliations. Supports all necessary collections needed to produce output documents including the Regulatory Supervisory Report the Solvency and Financial Condition Report.

OneStream XF’s partner supported solution enables fulfillment of your Solvency II disclosure requirements.

  • Packaged to deliver required XBRL output for filings including web forms for data entry, standard reports, work flow, calculations and narrative forms
  • Audit trail from source system to XBRL file is secured in every step of the process
  • IFRS, Solvency II and financial statements can be quickly reconciled with simple and flexible reporting for stress testing and analytics
OneStream’s Solvency II partners ensure that all data and information are calculated according to the standard accounting, accuracy and audit processes. Maintenance services through partners are also offered to keep your system in line with required regulations, currently CP14. Country specific templates (localization) is also available.

Reducing Risk in Business Performance Management

Partner supported FinRep and CoRep compliance solution provides data quality, collection and controls to deliver the final disclosure to the market and regulators. OneStream XF delivers unified financial intelligence and standard Guided Workflow processes for complete confidence.

  • Data integration quality and controls for all collection and mapping from multiple data sources in any format
  • Guided Workflows include process and certification controls for required tasks
  • Turn-Key data collection processes for end users
  • Data validation and audit controls for improved data quality and consistency
  • Multi-entity, multi-currency consolidation with complex and partial ownership reporting
  • Intercompany reconciliation and counter-party collaboration

OneStream XF supports various compliance requirements by providing a standard framework for the most complex consolidations with Local and Statutory GAAP and IFRS capabilities. OneStream’s Extensible Dimensionality means we can meet the specific needs of your solution in one product and one application thus eliminating significant IT and Finance complexities.