About Us

OneStream brings the history and experience required to deliver a SmartCPM for Corporate Performance Management solutions.

CPM Domain Experts

You can think of OneStream XF as our third house. Our founders are the CPM domain experts. Bob Powers was a key developer on Hyperion Enterprise®, the inventor of Oracle® Hyperion Financial Management and Tom Shea was the founder and inventor of UpStream Software®, now known as Oracle® Hyperion FDM. You learn a lot from developing some of the most widely used Corporate Performance Management solutions in the marketplace. There would never be a OneStream XF without the experience of developing and implementing these other solutions. With this experience, we learned that the only way to simplify the complexities we saw our customers facing was to start over to create a truly Unified Financial Platform that could be extended to meet multiple finance needs without all the technical complexity.

Each of our team members have over 15 years of experience delivering CPM to the largest and most sophisticated customers. At UpStream Software we were famous for delivering customer support and success above and beyond expectations. Customers still talk about our ability to give every customers name and number as a reference and a success. This ideal that every customer must be a success and reference has carried over and drives everything we do at OneStream Software.

OneStream Software

OneStream Software is an independent CPM software company beholden to only our customers. Our customers are our only investors and their success is our mission. We will continually listen to their changing needs to determine the direction of our product, service and support. We will never compromise on quality or their success.

Leverage domain expertise and the complete unified platform that OneStream offers to address concerns about compliance, efficiency and reporting.

We leveraged this domain expertise to deliver the FIRST truly unified platform for Corporate Performance Management (CPM) to address the concerns of the offices of finance around risk management, efficiency and reporting. OneStream XF’s revolutionary Extensible Dimensionality® delivers a unified corporate data structure along with business unit operational independence. We are changing the game in Corporate Performance Management by allowing business units to extended detail and dimensions including accounts, products, regions, channels, departments, etc., without compromising the integrity of the corporate data structure.


Our vision is a world where corporate and business units no longer need to compromise between one polluted application and multiple product and application deployments. We deliver complete CPM solutions without compromises. This allows finance teams to quickly and easily adapt to new regulatory, compliance and risk management requirements while becoming a true business partner to the executive management team. It is no longer acceptable to simply report the numbers. OneStream provides complete, timely and accurate reporting, planning and analytics which is the only acceptable result.

Mission Statement

Every customer must be a reference and success with OneStream Software.

Mission Statement Details

Customer success and reference ability is the only option for OneStream Software and is achieved by our refusal to compromise on:

  • Product – We deliver a product that is relied on day in and day out to do exactly what we say it will. It must be easier to use, own and maintain than any other available solutions. It must continuously transform to meet the changing business climate and expand the value it offers customers.

  • Service – We are CPM domain experts with hundreds of the most sophisticated implementations of financial consolidations and planning systems completed, no one does it better and with more of a commitment to your success. We provide quick, cost-effective and reliable implementation that uses best practices to extract the maximum value from the software. Our XF MarketPlace allows us to leverage packaged dimensions and solutions. XF MarketPlace solutions let you start solving the business problem on day one without having to worry about the mechanics to drive down the cost and effort of implementations.

  • Support – World-Class customer support is the key to 100% customer success. Get the right answer the first time by a domain expert dedicated to your success. Our immediate responsiveness along with timely and accurate resolutions ensure customers can Get Back to Business.

  • Communication – Every interaction with a customer has to be a positive experience and we must educate and communicate accurately during the sales, training, implementation, and support process.