Leadership Team

As the inventors of the market-leading CPM solutions of the past decade and the leaders of those organizations, our experience in delivering solutions to the largest and most sophisticated organizations in the world translates to lower risk and more confidence in your success.

Tom Shea, President

Tom was an original founder of UpStream Software in January of 2000 where he invented and architected UpStream TB and later UpStream WebLink. These products pioneered a new space called Financial Data Quality and achieved a better way to manage data quality for Hyperion products by providing a packaged product (UpStream/FDM) every company could use. Tom is an original founder of OneStream Software and an original architect of OneStream XF. He is passionate when it comes to delivering value, success and support. Tom’s passion and true strength stems from a deep, unique understanding of Finance that leads to truly innovative and revolutionary products. Tom began working on OneStream XF more than 8 years ago and his vision is to change the entire CPM ecosystem with a solution that combines power and flexibility with ease of use, deployment and maintenance.

Bob Powers, VP and CTO

Bob started at Hyperion Solutions in 1995 and advanced from Senior Software Engineer to Vice President of Software Development in a 12 year period. Initially, Bob worked on Hyperion Enterprise, built the Hyperion Schedules Module and managed Hyperion’s first OLAP product. Over the next several years, Bob invented, architected, implemented and led the development organization for Hyperion Financial Management (HFM). This was the first product with an OLAP engine designed specifically for Financial Reporting and Consolidation. He was later responsible for Hyperion Strategic Finance and assimilating the newly acquired MDM and UpStream/FDM organizations into Hyperion. In 2007, Bob left Hyperion to join Allegient Systems as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) where he was responsible for a multi-tenant cloud-based SaaS solution that facilitates legal bill review for insurance companies. After gaining first-hand experience with modern cloud-based technologies and working for years to integrate multiple incompatible products, Bob was convinced there must be a better way to help businesses manage their CPM activities. Bob is an original founder of OneStream Software and inventor of Extensible Dimensionality. He and Tom Shea architected OneStream XF to be the only extensible CPM platform that simplifies complex business problems and provides the exact same capabilities regardless of whether it is used in the cloud or on-premise.

Craig Colby, Chief Revenue Officer

Craig was a founder of UpStream Software in January of 2000 and an original founder of OneStream Software. Craig has a Finance education and background, however, his passion is communicating value to customers. The key to delivering 100% customer success starts with effectively setting expectations with regards to the product, solutions, support and services. He has a passion for working with financial applications that combine ease of ownership, maintenance and use with the power to solve any complexity. Craig is committed to an organizational culture that makes it easy for customers and partners to do business with OneStream. He knows if you do business with OneStream, you will receive the attention and support you need to deliver success.

Peter Fugere, VP Analytic Design

Peter joined Hyperion Solutions in 2001 where he worked as a Principal Consultant. He left in 2004 to help build what became one of the largest Hyperion practices in the world and in 2010, he received an Oracle ACE award. In 2011, Peter authored the first book on the Hyperion applications called Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Tips and Techniques: Design, Implementation & Supportpublished by McGraw Hill. In his book, Peter shares his experiences working on over 250 projects along with his deep knowledge of financial systems. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Master in Business Administration from Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts.

At OneStream, Peter develops and leads the Corporate Performance Management Consulting services team in order to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction in areas including application design reviews, growing and cultivating the services group, quality assurance check points, supporting partners and documenting best practices.

John Von Allmen, Chief Financial Officer, CPA

John is a CPA and a former Hyperion administrator with a strong financial reporting background doing SEC reporting for Kmart Corporation and has worked with hundreds of companies on Hyperion products such as FDM, HFM, Essbase, and Hyperion Enterprise. John was one of the original consultants on FDM (UpStream WebLink) and was in charge of FDM consulting practice at UpStream Software and Hyperion.  In 2007, John founded DataFusion Consulting and is widely recognized in the industry as the premier expert in FDM. He has a significant understanding of the challenges companies face in their close process and keeping process simple and maintainable.

Ricardo Rasche, Managing Director, EMEA

Ricardo has approximately 20 years of experience with EPM solutions and has consulted with some of the largest companies across North America, Europe, and Latin America in the areas of financial modeling, cash flow forecasting, strategic and operational planning, and consolidation & reporting. He spent most of that time at Hyperion where he was responsible for global market development for Strategic Finance prior to co-founding a consulting firm (Meridian) that focused on Hyperion implementations. He joined the OneStream family in 2013 and is currently responsible for the EMEA region and the further development of a team that is 100% committed and fanatical about customer success.

Jim Campbell, Global Vice President, Sales

With over 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and sales executive, Jim has a proven track record of success with organizations such as Oracle, Hyperion and UpStream Software, where his strategic, honest and common sense approach to business were large contributors to his success. Jim joined OneStream in 2013 and has responsibility for all OneStream sales activities.  Jim is a graduate of Western Michigan University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Accounting.

Ken Hohenstein, Vice President, North American Sales

Ken joined OneStream with nearly 20 years of executive leadership and excellence in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) arena. He has been instrumental in the global growth and adoption of CPM and has worked with corporations of all sizes and industries helping them improve their business performance. Most recently, Ken was a Managing Director at Huron Consulting Group, where he led the largest Oracle/Hyperion consulting organization in North America. From 2000 to 2015, Ken held several executive leadership positions at Hyperion as well as Oracle including Group Vice President of North American Sales for Analytics. In these roles, Ken successfully led field teams throughout North America helping clients realize the benefits of CPM.

In 2016, Ken joined OneStream as Vice President of Sales and he strongly believes OneStream XF will drastically improve the corporate performance management market. His strategic insight, passion for customer success, and collaborative leadership style perfectly align with the culture of OneStream Software and the mission of 100% client success. Ken is a graduate of The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Isenberg School of Management.

Matt Baranowski, Vice President, Infrastructure & Cloud Services

Matt brings more than 15 years of hands-on CPM experience in information systems, information technologies, and operations of Cloud Corporate Performance Management solutions to OneStream Software. As Vice President of Cloud Services, Matt oversees the cloud architecture and implementation of all operational and business support systems that the organization uses to operate and manage the business, as well as the design and development of all customer cloud deployments on Microsoft Azure, defining OneStream Software as a leader in the Cloud CPM market.

Matt was one of the founders of OneStream Software in 2010 and since then has been responsible for providing OneStream Software customers critical access to performance management-related information, so they can better leverage their solutions, businesses and investment in the OneStream Platform.

Mr. Baranowski holds a BBA from the University of Michigan’s School of Business.