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Taking your consolidation process one step further…OneStream’s Account Reconciliations

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What if we tell you that now you can replace your manual reconciliation process with an automated solution that can deliver results in hours. During every accounting close cycle every company goes through the cumbersome task of analyzing consolidated data and verifying the source of the transactions. Half the battle of reconciling data is trying to figure out where it came from. OneStream has taken consolidations one step further by creating Account Reconciliations. Reconcile what you report and drill-to-reconciliations with the single source platform for all GL trial balances. True to OneStream, Account Reconciliations is another module that can be downloaded from the OneStream XF Marketplace and installed in minutes.


What does OneStream’s Account Reconciliations have to offer to companies?



Risk Management Reporting

Risk Management Reporting presents a complete statistical picture of the quality of your financial reports. Providing the opportunity to view the status of all high risk reconciliations as they relate to your financial reports. Gain confidence in your results and achieve true risk management. Have the capability to reconcile what you report.


Trial Balance Single Sourcing

If your reporting system gets a last minute trial balance import that changes a balance sheet account while the Account Reconciliation system believes the account is 100% reconciled, how will the business user know that here was change.

Trial balance single sourcing delivers a new level of risk management. Reconciliation status checks alert users if a previously reconciled account has changed due to an updated trial balance import

Drill To Reconciliations

OneStream’s Account Reconciliation is the only solution that provides a link from reported balances to reconciled balances. Financial Reporting and Account Reconciliations live together in the same system for a truly unified approach. Having automated alerts notify business users when changes occur to the account reconciliation. This ensures confidence and credibility that the reports always are in sync with the reconciliations.

report2-300x300.jpgProcess Control

OneStream’s commitment to its business user is to deliver compliance and controls for your business. OneStream has builtin workflows, guiding your business from start to finish. The workflow allows for the preparation of Account Reconciliations at the proper time in the close process.

Data Quality is OneStream’s backbone and the entire solution supports transparency and audit requirements

Let OneStream do the hard work of collecting and validating all GL/ERP information across your business. Data Quality is the core capability of the platform to understand all GL accounts across all GL trial balances that require reconciliations is a natural extension of the XF Platform.

-Sunita Biswas
Sunita Biswas is an experienced financial accounting professional working in the Corporate Performance Management space for more than 10 years spanning across various industries. At Holland Parker she provides expertise in financial consolidations, forecasting and external reporting. Ms. Biswas is able to identify the challenge and deliver practical solutions fitting her client’s needs. 
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