Leading at Speed in Financial & Operational Reporting

Friday, December 16th

11 AM ET

Join our Live Demo Webinar on December 16 at 11 AM ET / 17:00 CET

Join our live demo webinar to learn how Finance teams are creating reliable, integrated financial reports, analyzing key business trends and unlocking financial signals hidden in high-volume operational data.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Empower Finance and business users with self-service dashboards and easy-to-build visualizations for real-time access to trusted data in OneStream and other data sources.
  • Easily create, maintain and share accurate Financial Statements and Management Reports.
  • Leverage financial signaling to continually drive performance with highly granular and high-velocity financial, operational and detailed transactional data.

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Leading at Speed with Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Friday, December 9th

11 AM ET

Join our Live Demo Webinar on December 9 at 11 AM ET / 17:00 CET

Forward- thinking FP&A professionals are pushing the boundaries of budgeting, planning, and forecasting across every aspect of the organization. Strategic FP&A groups required the scale to see holistically across the organization but also require the flexibility and agility to investigate and drill down deep into detailed operational data.

A unified corporate performance management (CPM) solution is ideal to help organizations manage the strategic planning process. Committed to helping organizations conquer complexity, OneStream brings together detailed operational plans and financial goals from across the entire organizations – all within a single solution.

This webinar will highlight the benefits of a unified CPM platform for:

  • Strategic Planning & Modeling
  • Financial Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • And Results from Real Customers!

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Conquering Complexity in the Financial Close

Friday, December 2

11:00 AM ET

Join our Live Demo Webinar on December 2 at 11 A.M. ET / 17:00 CET

Join this live demonstration of OneStream’s Intelligent Finance platform to learn how your organization can modernize finance, simplify and align processes and extend your investment across the organization with OneStream MarketPlace solutions.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  • OneStream streamlines financial close and consolidation
  • OneStream supports the most complex intercompany eliminations, ownership structures and accounting standards (US GAAP, IFRS, etc.)
  • Data quality through validation ensures efficiency and accuracy
  • 100% transparency is assured by drilling through to source data, delivering unparalleled audit trail
  • Tracking FX impact on every balance sheet item
  • Track detailed movements and changes for complete cash flow reporting

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OneStream Certified Associate (OCA) in Administration Exam Preparation Webinar

Tuesday, December 6

11 – 12:30 PM ET

If are you considering taking the soon to be released OneStream Certified Associate (OCA) in Administration Exam, this webinar is for you! As part of the overall preparation process for the exam, the OneStream Certification Program is pleased to offer the very first ever Associate in Administration Exam Preparation Webinar on Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 at 11 am ET, which will provide an overview on multiple areas of the exam, including demos!

This webinar will cover:

  • Dimensionality
  • Workflow
  • Data Collection
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • OneStream Tools
Meet the Speaker

Matt Kerslake  –Manager of Technical Content Development, OneStream Software

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Partner Enablement

Entity Aggregation & Attribute Members

Partner Technical Webinar

Wednesday, November 30

10 – 11AM EDT

For our November webinar, David Dowling (Senior Consultant – AAS) and Matt Grundey (Partner Enablement – Training and Standards) will discuss Entity Aggregation and Attribute Members. Entity Aggregation provides the speed and flexibility required for Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting by bypassing most statutory financial rules to quickly aggregate data in the entity dimension. Attribute members are read only members where the data intersections are derived based on references to properties of other members. This webinar will provide a brief overview of each feature but, more importantly, delve deeper into some design considerations when using them.

This webinar complements our August Webinar which covered Data Units and how to manage larger data units.

Partner Technical Webinar

When: Wednesday, November 30, | 1 hour | 10:00 am US Eastern (UTC -05:00)
Topic:   Entity Aggregation and Attribute Members

  • David Dowling (Senior Consultant – AAS)
  • Matt Grundey (Partner Enablement – Training and Standards)


Please note that within five (5) business days of the Webinar, the recording and any related materials will be posted to OneCommunity. To locate these materials in OneCommunity, select the “Partner Channel” and search for the recording within the “Summit and Webinars Materials” section. Please note: all previous Partner Enablement webinars are available here.

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Conquering Complexity in People & Capital Planning

Friday, November 18

11:00 AM ET

Join our Live Demo Webinar on November 18 at 11 AM ET / 17:00 CET

Join us for an overview of how OneStream empowers your team to perform robust People and Capital Planning, and the benefits of it being part of a true finance platform.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Easily add new benefit plans, employees, travel and entertainment expenses
  • Combine compensation and bonus groups for flexibility
  • Leverage driver-based workforce planning
  • Gain insight into how capital decisions impact financial results
  • Efficiently manage all capital planning with simple end-user workflows
  • Eliminate off-line manual spreadsheets, reduce errors and improve internal controls
  • Connect and drill to source systems

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The New Era of Planning: Ditch the Annual Plan for Rolling Forecast

Wednesday, November 16

11 AM ET

With the roller coaster ride of volatility and uncertainty these days, many organizations are moving towards rolling forecasting to enable management to continually plan, facilitate ongoing scenario plans and drive effective decision making processes.

Join us to learn from experts at OneStream Diamond partner Black Diamond Advisory how their driver-based accordion rolling forecast joins the forecast, budget, and long-range process together seamlessly for users.  Learn how FP&A teams are facilitating rolling forecasting processes to drive planning efficiency by creating a continuous but incremental process that enables end-users for focus on business analysis and planning rather than building and reconciling data.

 Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • How Black Diamond’s driver-based, accordion forecast unifies current year, the budget year, and the long-range plan in a single user-friendly experience.
  • How to create bottoms-up or tops-down forecasting, a faster monthly rollover process, on-the-fly variance and commentary and visibility into the details.
  • Customer success and business value stories from organizations who are moving to rolling forecasting

Featured Speakers:

Scott Stern – VP Product Marketing & Strategy, OneStream

Randy Werder – CEO, Black Diamond Advisory



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Aligning Strategic Plans with Financial Goals

Friday, November 11

11:00 AM ET

Join our Live Demo Webinar on November 11 at 11 A.M. ET / 17:00 CET

CFOs and finance leaders are uniquely positioned to lead the Strategic Planning process to help their organization to help prioritize key initiatives and capital sourcing needs required to achieve long-term financial goals. Unfortunately, many finance teams still rely on spreadsheets and manual processes to capture, review and analyze detailed operational assumptions. This often results in a fragmented mess of additional spreadsheets containing multiple tabs of complex calculations and inter-linked schedules that offer little traceability to financial plans.

Join our live demo webinar to learn how your organization can: 

  • Dynamically calculate the impact to long-range P&L, balance sheet and cash flow plans for various debt and capital structure scenarios
  • Provide audibility and transparency into initiative-level plans such as acquisitions, divestitures or other strategic investments
  • Quickly compare multiple what-if scenarios to evaluate impact to net income or cash flow
  • Easily seed the AOP or forecasts with the strategic plan to ensure alignment with short-term financial goals

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Creating Agile Reporting with Excel & OneStream

Friday, November 4

11:00 AM ET

Join our Live Demo Webinar on November 4 at 11 A.M. ET / 17:00 CET

Join our live demo webinar to learn how Finance users can leverage OneStream’s Excel Add-in and native Spreadsheet feature for data entry, reporting, and analysis while letting the platform provide control and governance on the back end.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How OneStream’s direct integration with Excel enables finance to provide line of business analysts with secure, self-service access to the appropriate data for their role, with the ability to analyze results and create their own reports and views.
  • OneStream users who love Excel can take advantage of more powerful reporting and analysis capabilities through this familiar interface.
  • The wider Microsoft Office Integration – OneStream data rendered in PowerPoint; Word, & Excel delivers great reporting mobility.

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Bake & Tell

Sponsored by Women of OneStream

Thursday 17 November 2022

4:00 PM CET/10:00 AM EST/7:00 AM PST

“A party without cake is really just a meeting” Julia Child

Flour, butter, a dash of cinnamon, and your baking starts! As the weather gets chillier and the holiday season approaches, we find ourselves lighting candles and baking a storm! Finally, in November, we stay more in the kitchen, and our thoughts turn to making delicious homemade soups and mouth-watering baked goods. Does it sound like you?

But what is your go-to holiday recipe?

Join us for this fun networking hour on Thursday, 17th of November, at 4 PM CET, for an interactive bake & tell with WOO (Women of OneStream). We will discuss our favourite holiday recipes, share fun holiday facts and talk about our local traditions!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


  • Host: Landi Hawk
  • 30 min – Fun Holiday Fact – Share your own tradition.
  • 30 min – Follow the Recipe
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Partner Webinar

Platform Release 7.2.1

November 9

10 – 11am EST

OneStream’s Intelligent Finance Platform | 7.2.1 Release Highlights

Register now for the Platform 7.2.1 Release Webinar on Wednesday, November 9th where we will take a closer look at these features and highlight the benefits and key concepts. The webinar will also be recorded and made available in OneStream Navigator.

OneStream’s Intelligent Finance Platform | 7.2.1 Release Highlights
The 7.2.1 Release contains feature enhancements designed to add flexibility, ease of use, and control to the OneStream Platform. Everyone in the OneStream Community will benefit from these enhancements across all key areas of their application.

Note: The 7.2.1 upgrade requires a framework and application schema update.

  • Full Width Banner Messages: New Application Server Config settings used to display important messages to users upon logging into their environment.
  • Combo Box Show Search: New format property adds enhanced searching capabilities to Combo Box list results.
  • SQL Table Editor Rows per Page: New property used to display up to 3000 rows on a page which overrides the user’s default Grid Rows Per Page setting.
  • ViewAllTaskActivity System Security Role Behavior: Updated existing security behavior so those with this role can see user tasks and the tasks’ child steps.

Important release and upgrade information can be found in the 7.2.1 Release Notes and Upgrade Guide. These are available for download in the MarketPlace.

For assistance with your 7.2.1 upgrade, please raise a request via the support portal at [email protected].

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The New CFO Imperative: Unifying ESG & Financial Reporting

Wednesday, November 9th

10:00 AM ET

Join our Thought Leadership Webinar on November 9 at 10 AM ET / 16:00 CET

As ESG reporting transitions from voluntary to mandatory it will require the same level of governance, control, accuracy, and auditability as financial reporting.  And since CFOs and Finance teams fully understand how to drive control and accuracy in financial reporting, Finance teams are best suited to overseeing the collection, consolidation, and reporting of ESG and data alongside financial results.

Join our webinar with Nick Cox of OneStream and Roy Peik of Sonum International to learn:

  • How there is now a compelling argument to transition from a connected to a fully unified CPM platform for ESG reporting, financial close, consolidation, reporting, planning, and more.
  • Aligning ESG reporting with the financial reporting process and system can yield several benefits to organizations.
  • Discover how with a unified CPM platform, all processes are handled within a single application and instance and how data is loaded into one central database and immediately made available to all business processes.
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